About Rakia Organics

Rakia Organics began in Kihei, Hawaii in October 2019. The family company was initiated by the passion of father and son whose goal is to have the entire world fill the gaps of nutrients that we may be missing out on. Hemp, Chaga, Lions Mane, Ginger are just a few of the recently launched products that have been researched, grown and extracted so that everyone can enjoy the natural Rakia Organics experience. Rakia is a Hebraic word for 'Celestial'. We stand by our products and continue to grow in our knowledge of health with you. Rakia Organics would not be possible without your contribution.

We love to deliver natural supplements that derive from natural and organic extraction methods so the entire world can enjoy our products. Our line of Hemp Oil, Lions Mane and Black ginger are among the finest natural supplements you can take on a daily basis. In becoming a leading distributor of these products, we distribute to all 50 states.

Our first facility in Miami extracts and packages our Hemp from Tennessee, Colorado and Kentucky. Our second facility in Hawaii grows and extracts our Lions Mane and Black Ginger to be packaged and delivered right to your door. Don't wait on these amazing products, your time is now.